Pokerstars Tightens Online Security

SMS Validation is for the punters' benefit
The Isle of Man-based online poker operator Pokerstars has introduced a new security measure with the intention of better protecting player accounts.
The new SMS Validation is an innovative addition to the armoury of measures designed to shield players from criminal hackers, and is a free service to players offered as part of the latest software update.
The plan is ultimately to make the facility available globally, although it is at present only available in a few core countries.
The measure works by sending an SMS warning to a registered player if any irregularities on their account are detected by various security systems deployed by the company. Where anomalies or irregularities on an account are discovered, an immediate freeze on all account functions is imposed until the player provides the code number included in the warning SMS text message.
In an additional SMS player service, punters can now reset their passwords via SMS.
The extra security measures join Pokerstars‘ six-digit, randomly changing RSA Security Token hardware and password precautions already instituted by the company.