Pokerstars Dumping Double Or Nothing Sit N Goes

Posted 2/14/11 : Tournaments in need of improvement, says online poker site
A respected poker information forum  carried an announcement this week that online poker giant Pokerstars is to halt its “Double or Nothing” Sit & Go tourneys with effect from this week.
The announcement caused a stir in the online poker community due to the popularity the tourneys enjoy among players, and Pokerstars admitted it had not been an easy decision.
“These tournaments have proven to be quite popular with players. However, after thorough evaluation, PokerStars has decided that the format needed improvement,” the announcement notes.
Our readers will recall the major issue around the Double or Nothing S&Gs last year, when allegations of a Chinese collusion ring came to light, necessitating increased security at the online poker site and millions in compensation being paid to players.