Friday, December 2,2011 : Cara de Poker has a significant Spanish player base.
Pokerstars appears to be focusing on the newly opened Spanish online poker market with its acquisition this week of Cara de Poker, a well-established Spanish website that is understood to have a significant player base.
The site operated on the iPoker network until its acquisition, but has now shut down, transferring its players to Pokerstars with strong recommendations in favour of the online poker giant when the regulations kick in early next year.
In an announcement Wednesday, Cara de Poker advised that players will not lose out – their accounts and accumulated VIP-CDP points will all be credited to them on the Pokerstars platform.
Transferring to Pokerstars will give players a better selection of games and promotions fully approved for the Spanish market, the operator claimed.
Cara de Poker was associated with the Spanish coaching site EducaPoker, and had been a member of the iPoker network for eighteen months. It is unknown what the acquisition cost Pokerstars.