Claims that intellectual property rights have been infringed…but who are the people behind Poker Tale Ratings?
The Isle of Man-based giant online poker operator Pokerstars has launched legal proceedings against statistical data supplier Poker Table Ratings, alleging that by selling data concerning Pokerstars action the site is infringing its intellectual property rights, and breaching the terms and conditions attached to using Pokerstars.
Poker Table Ratings data-mines operational sites and sells statistical data on individual poker players including the style of play and win/loss rates, along with hand histories.
The story first surfaced at internet poker information site Poker Source, which reported that the chief of home gaming operations at Pokerstars, Lee Jones, had confirmed the action and that the online poker giant has devoted resources to tracking down both individuals and companies that may be associated with Poker Table Ratings.
In a twoplustwo posting Monday, Jones wrote: “We have told them that they must immediately cease infringing our intellectual property rights and breaching the terms and conditions of our software. This is not an idle threat; we’ve assembled a team of lawyers in multiple jurisdictions to follow up.”