Iowa Tribe Files Request to Run Pokertribe

Oklahoma tribe asks federal judge to confirm arbitrator’s award.
Oklahoma's 800-strong Iowa Tribe has filed a request that a federal judge confirm an arbitrator's award last November giving it permission to run a gambling website titled Pokertribe for players around the world, saying “undisputed material facts” support its claim.
In a dispute with the state last year, it was agreed that an arbitrator would be brought in to resolve the impasse. The arbitrator ruled in November that the tribal venture is not a violation of federal or state law and falls under the Oklahoma Tribal-State Gaming Compact.
A spokesman for the state governor says that if the tribe's plans are approved it could open the door to other tribes launching similar ventures.
The Iowa have plans to debut sometime in 2016, allowing players from other countries to play real-time casino games with real money. Initially, the website will offer poker, but also has plans to include bingo, blackjack, pull-tab, slots and baccarat games.
The tribe has inked an exclusive software licensing deal with the Florida software company Universal Entertainment Group to launch the Pokertribe website.
Isaias Almira, manager of Universal Entertainment Group, said last year that will be available to players in states that have legalised online gambling, including New Jersey and Nevada, as well as to the international market. Players also will be able to use the website on some cruise ships and airline flights, he said.