Problem gamblers don’t need pokies to gamble online

Problem gamblers don’t need pokies to gamble online
The New Zealand pokie debate continues with Prime Minister John Key dismissing worries that Auckland casino SkyCity's permit to add up to five hundred more pokie machines will increase problem gambling.
Conspiracy reports under which the casino is said to have received permission for the additional pokie machines in exchange for it building a national convention centre have been dismissed by the Prime Minister who said SkyCity submitted the most feasible economic proposal which requires minimal support from the Government.
According to TVNZ, Key addressed concerns raised by The Green Party, one of many who are objecting to the additions, saying gambling addicts will find a way to gamble regardless of the casino increasing its pokie inventory.
Speaking to TV ONE's breakfast show, Key said: Even if you turn the whole lot off, New Zealanders will do what they're doing today and that is log into the internet and gamble online".