Deputy PM confirms that government is working on a new gambling bill liberalizing online gambling and sports betting.
Poland's deputy PM and Minister for Science and Education, Jarosław Gowin confirmed this week that the government is currently working on a new gambling bill that will liberalize online gambling and sports betting.
Gowin revealed in a Polish Radio interview that the previous Polish government led by Donald Tusk had in 2009 botched a gambling bill, resulting in the nation suffering "enormous, multi-billion losses" when online wagering was banned, along with gambling outside of land casinos.
“That is why a few months ago we decided to change the law so that money flowed back into the budget,” Gowin said, revealing that after obtaining a green light from the European Commission his party had started drafting a new gambling bill which would “liberalism” the system in such a way that it would be “safe to use bookmaker services, and play poker online”.