AAms Awards remote gambling licence to Probability

Expansion into European market, following acquisition of Playyoo SA
Mobile gambling firm Probability PLC has been awarded a remote gambling licence by the Italian gambling authority AAMS.
The licence will allow Probability to offer a white label service in the Italian market through its B2B mobile gambling developer Playyoo SA, which it acquired earlier this year.
In its latest financial report, Charles Cohen, chief executive of Probability said Playyoo had developed nicely, with Italian B2B clients expanding the range of games it took from the firm and new clients showing a strong interest in the offering.
Speaking at an investor conference, Cohen said:  "Our expertise in mobile gambling is tailor made for Italy, where some 30 per cent of adults now have a smartphone and where slots games – our best performer in the UK market – are by far the most popular way to gamble.
"With the licensing of slots for online and mobile users expected to start later this year, we feel we are in the right place at the right time, with the right offering, to succeed in this very exciting European market."
Probability expects to launch its first service in Italy during the first half of 2013.