New Online Casino game Community

Posted 1/5/11 : Quick Seven goes social
The new casino game Quick Seven  is the central focus of a new free community website dubbed Club Quick Seven launched with the new year.
The site gives fans of the game unlimited access and a page to call their own whilst they interact with one another. Unlike most casino games, Quick Seven allows players a chance to get more involved in the game by making discard decisions, pressing existing wagers, hedging losing wagers, and hitting.
The new game is currently available as a new casino game app in the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPod touch, and there are plans afoot to make it available to Android mobile users as well.
Quick Seven is the latest addition to the Phantom EFX series of Reel Deal Casino games, and will be added to the OpenBet software platform within the first few months of 2011, along with another as yet unidentified software platform.
These moves will ensure that the game is available to some of the world's largest online casinos and sportsbook audiences, a company spokesman claimed this week, adding that there are also longer term plans to make the app available to the Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Phone 7 operating systems, as well as Brew and J2ME development platforms