Rafa Nadal In Pokerstars Spanish TV ad

Thursday March 28,2013 : NEW SPANISH T.V. AD FROM POKERSTARS
Check out Rafa Nadal in the bathtub…
The in-house creative studio at Pokerstars has developed a new advert for Spanish television that leverages the big brand name of international tennis star and sometime poker player Rafa Nadal.
The production features Nadal competing online via iPad and from his bathtub, playing Lucia Arroyo, an ordinary grinder playing from what appears to be a library as a typical member of Pokerstars' 50 million-strong player base. Arroyo's win record, it appears, is confined to pillow fights.
Nadal observes: “I play on Pokerstars because I love competition – the battle of minds, and that is what this advertisement is all about.”
Check it out here: