Monday February 17 ,2014 :  WILL HILL SAYS TOPPING STAYS UNTIL 2015
Lays media speculation to rest
An article that ran in The Times newspaper over the weekend, indicating that chief executive officer Ralph Topping will be replaced in 2014, has been denied by William Hill.
According to the article, William Hill will begin the search for a new chief executive "as it seeks to replace Ralph Topping a year earlier than expected".
Contrary to the article, in a statement released today (Monday) William Hill said the previously announced retirement date for Ralph Topping stands and that it will look at both internal and external candidates to fill the position.
"Ralph Topping has previously indicated his intention to retire by the end of 2015. The Board has an ongoing process to identify his successor from among both internal and external candidates. The Board prudently instigated this process two years ahead of Ralph's backstop date to give plenty of time to identify the right candidate, allowing for their potentially lengthy notice period, and to ensure a smooth transition," the statement said.
Topping has been with company for over 40 years, beginning his illustrious career as a part-time Saturday boy at one of William Hill's betting shops in Glasgow.