Ranjit Sinha, Indian Police Chief says Online Gambling Should be Legal

Cites Sikkim provincial regulatory regime and claims that legalization will create taxes and jobs.
Indian media reports are quoting a former director of the Central Bureau of Investigation, Ranjit Sinha, who has advocated the legalization of online sports betting and gaming, arguing that the industry has significant revenue generating potential, has public support, and could create tax revenues and jobs.
The Economic Times of India quoted Sinha as saying: “The business of sport betting and gaming exists, despite the ban. There is a stigma attached to it, but it is not very high on the government radar. The government should legalize it. With good regulation and responsible gaming, we can make it happen. Like it exists in Sikkim and helps increase revenue and employment in the state.”
The former police official opined that efforts to crack down on online gambling cause unnecessary burdens on enforcement which could be avoided by proper licensing and regulation.
Sinha received some support from Rajpal Singh, an official with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, who said that government and business should not ignore reality.
"Illegal betting is already happening. Huge money is involved in illegal betting. It is better to legalize it, but ensure a strict vigil on the industry.”