Review of UK Gambling Commission


Chief executive says operators need to raise standards and focus on what’s good for the consumer, at a faster pace.

At the UK Gambling Commission’s inaugural Raising Standards conference, chief executive Sarah Harrison laid out the Commission’s vision and areas of focus, saying raising standards and the pace of change needs to move faster.

The UKGC urged operators to focus on putting consumers at the heart of “everything” it does, and make it happen in quicker time.  Obligations should be focused on what best serves the customer rather than meeting minimum requirements set by the regulator, Harrison said in her opening speech.

“I urge you to think about this question: what does the consumer need? Rather than : what does the Gambling Commission expect?”

“We all have to face up and recognize, it’s a consumer landscape.  Whilst for some this will be a significant challenge, it also provides an exciting opportunity to take this industry forward”.

Other topics of particular mention included an upcoming review of the commission’s enforcement policy, social responsibility, consumer-centric focus, transparency, advertising and marketing, dispute resolution, anti-money laundering measures, customer protection and enforcement.

The full text of the speech can be read here: