Expensive jewellery lifted from cabin luggage
Amateur live poker tournament player 69-year-old Rita Lamberg had a stroke of bad luck when GBP 100 000 worth of jewellery was stolen from her hand luggage en route to Las Vegas.
Lamberg was travelling from New York to Las Vegas via Phoenix to participate in a poker tourney when airline staff from US Airways classed her hand luggage as too large for the cabin and requested that it be put in the hold.
Revealing that the bag contained jewellery valued at GBP 160 000, staff allowed Lamberg to take the bag onboard only to be told by boarding flight staff that the bag would have to go into the hold.
Lamberg discovered a Rolex watch, diamond ring and another diamond and sapphire ring had gone missing after collecting her baggage from the carousel before boarding her connecting flight to Las Vegas.
“We take this very seriously and are investigating with law enforcement," an airline spokesman told The Telegraph.
A $10,000 reward for the recovery of the missing items has been posted by Lamberg.