Ron Paul Defends States Rights on Online Gambling

Ron Paul defends states' rights.
The chairman of the US Campaign for Liberty, former congressman Ron Paul fired a broadside at Representative Jason Chaffetz this week, accusing him of attacking the rights of states guaranteed under the constitution with his Restoration of America's Wire Act federal proposal.
Paul reminded Chaffetz that online gambling regulation is the sole prerogative and jurisdiction of individual states and not a right that has been ceded to the federal government.
In an oblique but stinging criticism of land casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, the man widely believed to be behind the RAWA legislative initiative, Paul recalled that RAWA failed to gain traction last year despite the support of “one Las Vegas billionaire, who stands to benefit financially from a federal ban limiting competition in the gambling industry.”
And he opined that, whilst opponents of online gambling have the right in a free society to peacefully promote their views that right does not extend to forcing their moral position on other citizens.