RTG-powered Internet casinos offline for over 48 hours and counting

4/14/10 – Following player reports of slow-pays involving RTG-powered Cuba Club and Lucky Slots online casinos, it is perhaps not surprising that these casinos going offline for the last 48 hours and counting has triggered alarm.

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In addition to operations on hold, there has been no Support, emails have gone unanswered and voicemails are ignored, according to a growing number of player reports on the message boards.
"It is like they just packed up and left or something. I have money in both casinos. This is disturbing," complained one player.
Another advised that both operations were changing servers, and that appeared to be confirmed by notices on both websites advising: 
"Dear Players,
"Apologies for the site down time. We are in the process of relocating our servers
and we have run in an unforeseen technical issue. Please be patient.
We will be back up within the next 24-48 hours.
"Feel free to contact us at support@luckyslotscasino.com if you have any queries.
"Thank you for your understanding.
"Best regards,
Casino Management."
When InfoPowa went to press there had been no response to enquiries directed to both casinos.