Those found involved in clandestine gambling sites should be imprisoned says President
The dictatorial Russian banning of gambling in general entered a new phase this week when Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, clearly displeased at the fact that many gambling operations have gone underground, called for sterner measures.
Itar reports that Medvedev has demanded that all clandestine gambling sites and casinos in Moscow should be closed and their owners should be sent to prison.
“Of late I receive much information that clandestine gambling sites became wide spread in Moscow,” he said at a meeting with Moscow City Mayor Sergei Sobyanin this week.
Medvedev has instructed the City Mayor “to take necessary measures, conduct raids and find those who violate the law," and went on to say that “those involved in such gambling businesses should be imprisoned.”
Sobyanin assured that “together with law enforcement agencies necessary raids will be held” and the President will be briefed about the results.