Saskatchewan says no to online gambling

Saskatchewan government confirms it is not interested in emulating Quebec, British Columbia and Ontario
The news earlier this week that the White Bear First Nation in Saskatchewan is to launch an online casino has prompted a response from the provincial government laying to rest speculation that it planned to join Quebec, British Columbia and Ontario in entering the online gambling sector.
The CBC reports that Donna Harpauer, the minister responsible for the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority, has firmly shut the door on the idea.
Harpauer said if anyone were to open an online casino in Saskatchewan, it would be illegal. She confirmed that the provincial government has toyed with the idea of opening its own online casino, either by itself or in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority.
However, six months ago, it decided the risks were greater than the benefits, she said, adding that there is no compelling business case for introducing a new form of gambling, and there are issues of social responsibility.
In an informal poll run by the broadcaster, readers voted overwhelmingly to shut down the First Nation online casino if it launched (59.25 percent). Only 18.65 percent voted for the the tribal online casino, whilst 13 percent suggested that the government run its own online operation.