Senator Mark Amodei says unite on Internet Gambling

Senator says sitting on the fence is not a great idea
Giving the keynote address at this week's Global iGaming Summit & Expo in San Francisco, US Congressman and Nevada Senator Mark Amodei applauded the strong and protective regulatory structure in force for the land gambling business, which has established a sound reputation, but warned execs that the industry needed to unite on the question of online gambling legalization in order to ultimately achieve the sort of system that they wanted.
Sitting on one's hands was not a satisfactory option, he opined, adding:  "….if you continue to do nothing about e-gaming regulation then you play into the hands of those who oppose you. You have set the groundwork to finish this up – the only challenge is to resolve the issue amongst yourselves. The bill that will pass is what you folks can come together on."
By uniting, it may be possible to implement a US legal and properly regulated online gambling regime in a year, the Senator said in an address that indicated he was in favour of a federal rather than state-by-state solution.
"Moving online is a gamble and you can win big, but individual state attempts to bring in online gaming could lead to state laws that don't live up to a federal level," he commented.