New Responsible Gambling Service

4/27/10 – Entering the responsible gambling sector is Safe Gaming, a service that describes itself as a "safety net" to protect gamblers from harm in a popular recreational  pastime where safeguards and controls are essential to avoid the problems that can result from excessive gambling losses.
The company's product has been designed to provide online players with an effective, personalised means to maintain control over their gambling activities, and once the player has registered, SGS will expertly guides him or her through making decisions about personal, affordable limits on gambling.
"Your money and time limits are set in advance, away from the atmosphere of a gambling venue," the company claims. "This allows you to think more rationally and clearly about what your reasonable gambling limits should really be. You fund your SGS account for "budget" periods by pre-purchasing only your affordable limit for gambling, or less.
"Once you have registered, you will be issued an SGS debit card, which is used to access your pre-funded SGS account for gambling at venues that accept the SGS card.
"Your agreement with SGS provides that you only use the "budgeted" funds in your SGS account for gambling and nothing more. Once your affordable gambling expenditure limits are reached for any given period, no further funding is available to you until the next "budget" period."