Billionaire land casino owner appears to have a double standard.
Arch anti-online gambling land casino owner Sheldon Adelson appears to have double standards when it comes to daily fantasy sports, according to a report in the publication Online Poker Report this week.
In an interview in which the position of the National Football League on DFS was discussed, the casino tycoon observed that the assumption that the League was against gambling was incorrect. Illustrating his point, Adelson reportedly said:
"I’ve read that 28 of the 32 teams have interest in fantasy sports. Well, that’s gambling. So 28 teams are involved in gambling."
However, as OPR points out, Adelson is a supporter (and some say the man who dictated the content) of the Restoration of Americas Wire Act which is a so far unsuccessful proposal to ban most forms of online gambling…and that proposal includes a legislative carve-out for fantasy sports.
Noting the apparent contradiction, OPR comments:
"It’s not clear if Adelson’s stance means if RAWA efforts will now target DFS moving forward, or if the cognitive dissonance between the legalization and his comments will remain."