Online skill games developer Greentube AG reports that the fifth edition of its annual Ski Challenge virtual racing competition saw registered players make 260 million runs, and resulted in Austria winning the competition.
Media partners from eight nations and nine licensees applauded the graphics upgrades made to the offline competition, which was held at the Uniqwa Tower in the Austrian capital of Vienna.
The Ski Challenge series has attracted almost six million users in a billion races since its launch in the winter of 2004. Media partners licensing the free game this year came from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Slovenia, Croatia, France and Italy, anmd were spported by advertisers such as Audi, Canon, Tipp3, Swisscom, Kronen Zeitung, Uniqa, Raiffeisen, German Wings and Red Bull.
“We are overwhelmed with the ongoing success of our flagship game,” said Eberhard Durrschmid, Greentube's CEO.
“We continuously strive for cutting-edge technology and leadership in the branch of high-quality free-to-download games and maximum reach for our partners. We are very much excited about what we have in store for the future.”