Friday, October 21,2011 : Tapping into social media with "Call of the Nation"
Utilising the marketing potential of social media, online betting firm Sky Bet launched a Football Prediction application for football betting fans on Facebook, this week.
Each week, match predictions made by more than 300 football fans are uploaded by the online betting company via their "Call of the Nation" app, which is hosted on Sky Bet's Facebook fan page.
One key Premier League match is selected each week and fans of both teams are captured on camera at matches making predictions about the clash. Fans are asked to make a call on the scoreline, first goalscorer and man-of-the-match and can also access video predictions of Sky Bet's panel of experts.
Once their individual prediction video has been uploaded to Facebook, football fans can share it with their friends and check out what fellow fans, or the opposition, are predicting.
Helen Jacob, public relations manager for Sky Bet said: "Social media is the best way of interacting with our customers, who love to tell us and their mates how they're calling the weekend's big matches. The video element adds an extra dimension and acts as a kind of visual fan forum, allowing fans to find out their mates' views as well as having a laugh at their dodgy on-camera performances!"