Posted 1/19/11 : Down on the farm – online gambling style
Online gambling software provider CTXM has announced that the launch of its latest internet slot – Farm Slots – is imminent.
“We have developed Farm slots based on market research,” Udy Yosha, CEO of CTXM explained this week. “It became evident that players were continually drawn to certain popular themes on the social media networks. In line with our policy of providing our partners with the tools they need to attract customers, we have developed a game which leverages this trend.”
Farm slots features bright and comical graphics that enhance the game’s appeal to social media users. The slot’s symbols are based on farm crops, as well as farming items such as watering cans and seed packets. These come to life when the player hits a payline, providing entertaining animations and atmospheric sounds.
“The majority of slot players today are women, and they also compose the majority of social media users. We therefore wanted to create a game that enabled our suppliers to effectively reach out to this important customer base. Farm Slots is designed to do exactly that,” Yosha said.