Alice’s Wonderland slot jackpot of GBP 345 000 Paid

Written On  4/8/11 By Lenny Wasman :

Sweet dreams for Manchester woman who hit jackpot on a GBP1 stake

A UK woman from Manchester scooped the popular Alice's Wonderland slot jackpot of GBP 345 000 on just a GBP1 stake at Gala while indulging in "a quick game before bedtime".

The sales administrator, who wishes to remain anonymous, said:  “Things like this just don’t happen to me. It’s fantastic, I’m completely overwhelmed! The most I have ever won is GBP300.”

Lesley Whyte, consumer PR manager for Gala said: “On average we give away around GBP 62 million a month, but we never tire of hearing how even a quick game at bed time can deliver a jackpot win.”