Software can detect 80 percent of problem gamblers

Claims that system can detect up to 80 percent of potential problem gamblers.
The news last week that UK company Featurespace has developed analytical software capable of identifying the betting patterns and behaviour of potentially problem gamblers at online casinos  has been followed by similar claims from a Canadian company.
Focal Research Consultants of Halifax, Nova Scotia has proved in commissions with land gambling casinos that its software can detect up to 80 percent of potential problem gamblers early enough for beneficial intervention.
Company founder Tony Schellinck says the algorithms used vary, and his company has now assembled a useful database of 800 variables covering most aspects of individual gambling behaviour, which can be used to make an early warning assessment.
Two land casino operators in the province of Saskatchewan used the Focus system for seven years, Schellinck reports, enabling his company to identify almost 3,000 potential problem gamblers in 2012 alone.
Where a future problem gambler is identified, the operator is advised, and the players location within the casino flagged so that casino managers could tactfully make an approach.
Given the more sophisticated and details automatic record-keeping at online casinos, the system should be adaptable to the online environment.