12/20/11 : Latest MECN study says Euro 680 million in online revenues by 2015 is achievable
The news of late has been full of reports on Spain's gambling market liberalisation and the internet companies flocking to obtain Spanish licensing, so the release of MECN's latest research study focusing on Spain is timely.
The study found that 80 percent of large gambling companies intend entering the online sector of the market, recognising it as a key region for expansion, and that the Spanish tax regime enshrined in the new regulations will make it possible for operators to prosper, unlike the situation in France which is now under review.
The figures regarding the Spanish gambling market quoted in the MECN study are impressive: total market size in 2010 of ca. Euro 28 billion in turnover/wagers and Euro 9.5 billion in gross revenues.
The online gambling market (gross revenues) is estimated at Euro 465 million in 2010 and is expected to grow to over Euro 680 million by 2015 with betting and poker leading the way.