Responsible gambling tool Relaunches

Spelkoll rebranded as Playscan
Svenska Spel's responsible gambling tool, the Spelkoll system, has been officially rebranded and relaunched as Playscan™.
PlayScan is owned by the Swedish gaming monopoly and was developed by the company in 2007 in partnership with ICU Intelligence and the Swedish Gaming Institute.
The system provides online players with an accurate analysis of their gaming behaviour and patterns based on mental, cognitive and predictive data.
The latest upgrade requires a complete re-installation and features a new Bingo Game Module along side already existing Poker, Lottery and Sport betting Modules.
Svenska Spel’s chief executive officer, Lennart Käll, on the launch of the latest version, said: “Playscan is constantly striving to be at the forefront of Responsible Gaming tools.  This is only the first of many continuous upgrades of Playscan™ as responsibility and sustainability is part of our main core values.
"Svenska Spel has chosen to rebrand the product name to Playscan™ in an effort to become one of the many operators that use Playscan™, and therefore help build awareness and credibility of the brand all around the world."