Sponge Poker Looking For Funding

But operating an online poker site with low capital – even in the social sector – could be risky
The convenience and availability of internet crowd-funding – raising capital for start-ups through internet users prepared to risk their money on an investment – has seen a social gaming online poker entrepreneur appealing for capital this week.
Alex Kim is the founder and chief exec of Sponge Poker.com, and he's hoping to raise $30,000 that can be used to market and lift his fledgling operation to the next level.
Kim claims his site offers improvements to the usual offerings online, and that he has patent applications pending to protect his interface innovations.
He claims that Sponge has a unique techie differentiation that enables players to view their rivals' actions in real-time, and that this enhances the action by making it more true-to-life, and possible for them to detect and act on what they believe to be folding or betting tells….or generate false signals to lure their opponents into difficult positions.
Kim has his enterprising app up on Facebook as a free-to-play with prizes, but he has gone to the Indiegogo community to seek investment support that will help him to better market the offer and introduce incentives to bring in more players.
Kim explains it all here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGs0TTSYXMI