Sportdec expansion plans

Bruce Bale has expansion plans for Sportdec.
Bruce Bale, the former head of Sky Betting's social gaming operation, is on the hunt for venture funding, seeking Euro 3 million for its start-up Sportdec, which bridges sports content, social gaming and online gambling through a mobile app expansion.
Describing its role as an ‘ultimate fan-centric app,’ Sportdec provides a one-stop-shop for all forms of sports engagement and has already achieved 50,000 downloads since launching in Ireland last year. Bale's ambitious plan is to increase that download figure to 300,000 this year, expanding from Ireland to the UK in the process.
By mid-year 2016 Bale had hooked up with betting platform provider FSB Technology, integrating its product. Sportdec has the additional advantage of an active social gaming section and content distribution capability, and is now looking for other partners and funding of up to Euro 3 million, which would secure 20 percent of the enterprise for the investor.