Posted 3/28/11 : Tasmanian politician to embark on an inquiry into "lax" advertising restrictions
Tasmanian independent Andrew Wilkie will use his position as Chairman of the Joint Select Committee on Gambling Reform to investigate the "concerning" level of sports betting advertising, reported The Sunday Age this week.
While Wilkie claims that he is not anti-gambling – he is concerned that the frequency of advertising would normalise betting for children.  .
Online sportsbetting has been targeted by academics and campaigners as one of the biggest threats in the fight against problem gambling with concerns focusing on the constant flashing of betting odds on websites and television screens.
While Wilkie says he doesn't have all the answers and that the issue needed to be approached carefully – he feels an inquiry is necessary and is quoted as saying: ”We need to be very careful about what we allow when it comes to advertising gambling. I don't know what the right balance is, but I do know that it seems to be very much in your face.”
”We have rules about advertising of tobacco and alcohol, and I think there should be a sensible approach to the advertising of gambling,” he went on to say.