has entered the daily fantasy sports market

VETERAN INDUSTRY COMPANY TESTS DAILY FANTASY SPORTS MARKET has a large player base, which should help its new vertical to develop.
Reports from the United States indicate that one of the industry veterans in online sportsbetting, Antigua-licensed, has entered the booming daily fantasy sports market.
Sportsbook is one of the pioneers in online betting and has built up a large player base over the years, giving it a major advantage through cross-selling. The company is known to be profitable thanks to skilled management and solid offers.
The reports indicate that the new venture is still in its relative infancy, operating on a Beta-trial basis through the main website.
This is not the first of the new generation of online betting businesses that have caught Sportbook's attention – earlier this year it started offering real-money wagering on e-sports (electronics sports, in which online gamers compete in teams).