Monday November 11,2013 : SWEET ONLINE SLOT FROM BETSOFT
SugarPop! has twenty individual levels of gameplay.
The prolific producer of 3d online slots, BetSoft Gaming, concentrates on candy for the theme of its latest game, SugarPop!
Wrapped in images of confectionary, the game incorporates elements that BetSoft says are new to i-gaming, with four distinct worlds and twenty individual levels of gameplay presented in a 5×5 grid of assorted candies that cascade with each spin, where three or more matching candies can add up to big win chains.
Consecutive wins earn points toward reaching higher levels and vibrant sugary worlds like the Cotton Candy Forest and the Cupcake Cottage. Special candies will appear as the player moves through the levels, each with a thrilling 3d bonus effect, such as the Lollipop, which swirls new candies into the positions on the grid, creating more chances for wins.
SugarPop! also features bonus patterns to complete with candy matches, which increases the game score.
Anthony Locke, BetSoft's head of product development, said Monday: "Brilliant colors, a mellow, relaxing soundtrack, progressive levels that unlock special candies with exciting effects, interesting interactive options – all of these things culminate in a universally appealing, pleasant gaming experience."