Super Spins Bar X slot Hits Big

Tuesday March 12,2013 : DARTS FAN HITS  ONLINE SLOT FOR GPD 258,670
And his stake was just 20p!
Brit darts player Richard Taylor tried a little something different at an online casino this week, wagering 20p on a spin on a slot machine that immediately delivered a GBP 258,670 windfall.
45-year-old call centre worker Taylor was having trouble sleeping ahead of his night shift but, instead of playing darts as his normal cure for insomnia, he went to an online casino and placed a 20p bet on the Super Spins Bar X slot…with spectacular results.
“It’s still not really sunk in," Taylor told casino management. "It’s about the equivalent of 20 years wages as I won’t pay any tax on my winnings.”
He added: “It’s the kind of thing that happens to other people, but I never thought I’d ever get that kind of money for just 20p.
“I’ve not got a car at present, but that will probably be my first buy. I currently lodge with friends, so now I can buy my own home.
“It’s not enough for me to retire, but it will make life a lot easier. I won’t be worrying about the bills and I’ll be able to go wherever I want on holiday.”