Swico Warns on Internet CensorShip

Telecomms industry body reacts to political talk of ISP blocks on unlicensed online gambling sites.
Swico, the Swiss chapter of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) federation, has reacted to proposals in the Swiss National Council that laws be passed to permit the imposition of ISP blocking on unlicensed online gambling websites.
The Committee for Legal Affairs of the Council is currently debating a bill on internet gambling that proposes requiring ISPs to impose such blocks, and Swico argues against the introduction of any kind of internet barrier or lock-outs, warning the approach could jeopardize online security and the digital economy.
“Most modern browsers offer users the ability to override network locks, rendering them largely ineffective,” Swico warned, observing that network blocks tend to be inaccurate and "almost inevitably" lead to blocking uninvolved sites or providers.
The federation also points out that network locks change the addresses of data packets, mirroring the behavior of cyber criminals and therefore make it more difficult to detect cybercrime… and it claims that such locks deter international companies from marketing their services to Switzerland, with free access to the internet a major drawcard for investment.