Thunderstruck slot now available on your Android smart watch.
The Royal Vegas Android AIR has launched its first casino game for Android smart watches, putting the Microgaming Thunderstruck slot on the wrists of on-the-go punters as a companion game for Android AIR installations.
The smartwatch is a companion device that is paired with a host mobile phone or tablet for internet connectivity, and does not function as a stand-alone device. An Android Wear smartwatch cannot be paired with both a tablet and a phone device simultaneously and users generally pair their Android Wear smartwatch with one host device, most commonly their phone. Because of this, the release of the Android Wear casino is officially supported by a phone host device only.
"There are many variations of smartwatches but the Android Wear casino is designed for smartwatches using Android Wear, the official Android operating system for wearable devices created by Google," a statement from Royal Vegas explained Monday. "This release of the Android Wear casino is not supported on other smartwatch devices, such as those produced by Pebble and those running the Tizen operating system."