Irish Problem Gambler Tony O’Reilly Found

Tuesday July 5, 2011 :  Large bet pinpoints whereabouts of suspected post office fraudster
Tony O'Reilly, the Irish post office worker who vanished last week after Euro 1.76 million was discovered missing from his branch has been found.
O'Reilly, who reportedly has a gambling problem and was betting huge daily amounts on a well-known online gambling site, was located in Belfast after he placed a massive Euro 40 000 winning bet on an odds-on shot to win Euro 27,000. He placed the bet with a bookie in the city on Saturday.
The 36-year-old postal manager will now face questions regarding the missing cash, along with other discrepancies involving several millions of Euros that have been uncovered at his branch, and may have been used for gambling.
O'Reilly was under medical care Monday night, the Guardian newspaper reported.
The father of one disappeared last Wednesday morning as internal auditors discovered alleged financial irregularities amounting to Euro 1.76 million at his branch in Gorey, Co Wexford.