Top gambling ICOs to watch this year

The gambling ICOs that are being launched in 2018 are of better quality. Unlike the last half of 2017 when ICOs were numerous, the first few months of 2018 have seen a big drop in number. Regulations have been introduced all over and this has helped wean out scams. Moreover, Malta and several other jurisdictions are at the frontline in helping integrate blockchain technology, online gambling and the law. Let us look into the Initial Coin Offerings list below for a chance to learn more about ICOs in 2018.


Truegame is marketed as the first ICO which will have a fully working smart contract based on iGaming project. The ICO started on 5th of March and will end on 15th April. The crypto is based on Ethereum blockchain and uses ERC-20 standard. Users of the platform are already able to play a dozen different games. The accepted currencies during the ICO include ETH, LTC and BTC. The crypto which is based in Costa Rica is not accessible to residents of the U.S. Its ticker symbol is TGAME and 9,250 TGAME will cost you 1 ETH. Soft cap for the token is 2,300 ETH while the hard cap is 10,300 ETH.

Cryptonia Poker

The UK-based ICO is also not available in the USA. The crypto seeks to combine transparency and value for digital currency with the poker room experience. The Cryptonia Poker’s online poker room is designed to be accessible from anywhere in the world. By using the blockchain technology, the crypto will ensure that transactions are not only decentralized but are transparent.

The ICO is scheduled to run from 10th to 30th of April. The crypto is based on Ethereum blockchain and the currencies accepted are BTC, ETH and LTC. For each ETH you give you will get 7,000 CPC tokens. The hard cap for the token is CPC 750 million.


Gamblica cryptocurrency which is based in Malta has its KYC policies in line. The whitepaper for the crypto is yet to be released. Gamblica faces restrictions in China. The crypto’s main agenda is to address gambling fraud problem which persists globally. This will be achieved by giving every player a chance to check and verify a casino’s algorithms. The ICO started on 1st March and will run until 1st of June 2018. The accepted currency during the ICO is either BTC or ETH. The hard cap is 40,000 ETH and soft cap of 4,000 ETH. 1GMBC token goes for 0.0001ETH.


Bethereum’s ICO is scheduled to run from 11th to 25th of April. The token faces restrictions in China, Hong Kong and the USA. In an effort to create an easy and understandable gaming interface, the Bethereum team will employ Ethereum blockchain technology to deliver instant payouts and transparency in fund management. The crypto is Ethereum-based and uses ERC-20 standard. The currency accepted during the ICO is ETH. The Hong Kong-based crypto will offer a 30% bonus during the ICO. For every ETH you give you will get 17,500 BTHR.

Poker Sports

The ICO firm which is based in the USA scheduled the ICO to run from 24th of March to 21st April. Poker Sports is a platform which will offer a variety of different fantasy sports games. The games will be customized to match the needs of each of the user’s personal interests. The firm seeks to revolutionize the way fantasy sports are played. The crypto has undergone the necessary KYC procedures. The soft cap and hard cap for the Ethereum-based token is 600 and 20,000 ETH respectfully. The currency accepted is ETH and the price is 1ETH for 10,000XPST.

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