New Ad Campaign automobile economy and gambling

Saturday August 20,2011 :  Ad agency uses a gambling theme to promote car economy
The Oslo, Norway-based ad agency "Try" managed to combine two widely disparate subjects – automobile economy and gambling – in an innovative campaign for the new VW Golf Bluemotion this month.
To highlight the fuel efficiency of the vehicle, the ad agency dreamed up an enormous roulette board.
Using Google Maps, it divided the E6, one of the country's main roads, into 80,000 segments…then asked the public to bet on where a Golf traveling north from Oslo would run out of gas.
The winner would get the car, a prospect that sent the public scrambling to investigate the vehicle's fuel efficiency before placing the single ‘bet' each entrant was allowed.
Thousands visited the purpose-designed website for live coverage streamed on the day of the drive, and a special video was launched on Youtube explaining what the initiative was all about..
The car managed 1,570 km on a single tank of fuel, but there was no news on who won the jackpot!