Alleged mastermind said to be a UK gambling executive.
The police in Istanbul, Turkey have reported the breakup of a major online gambling ring following a tip-off that led to a five-month investigation and a nation-wide police swoop this week.
39 persons were arrested in raids across twenty Turkish and Turkish-Cypriot cities, police spokesmen revealed, claiming that the ring generated in excess of $100 million a month.
Half of that was remitted overseas to the alleged mastermind, a UK gambling executive that media have tentatively identified as possibly Scott William Masterson, a director of a gambling supply company.
During the raids police officials seized evidence, cash to the value of GBP 6 million, and assets such as expensive cars and property totalling GBP 150 million in Cyprus and $780 million in Turkey.
One of the illegal enterprises alleged Cyprus-based leaders, Veysel Şahin is being sought by police, who are reportedly about to request the assistance of Interpol in help in his apprehension.
Police have revealed that the ring operated at least six online gambling websites from servers in four countries outside Turkey.