Funny BingoGodz Tv Commercial

Friday September 20 ,2013 : FUN NEW T.V. COMMERCIAL FOR BINGO GODZ
That booming voice over is from actor Brian Blessed.
The recently launched new online bingo site Bingo Godz has been given a significant boost this week with the flighting of a supporting multi-million sterling television advert commissioned by parent company Gaming Realms.
The new ad centres on the return to Earth of a motley selection of amusing gods Zantos, Whaki, Fryer, Lord Hog and Shu Horn, narrated by the booming voice of actor Brian Blessed and acompanied by thunder and lightning.
Bingo Godz is powered by industry newcomer Bede Gaming, a company started by former Cashcade executive, Michael Brady, in collaboration with Crown Bingo’s Joe Saumarez Smith and Dan Smyth.
Check out the advert here: