Freezing Temps in Uk Good For Online Bingo

Posted on 12/9/10 – The early and bitter winter in the Unied Kingdom could have positive spin-offs
Heavy snow, freezing temperatures and disrupted road and rail commuter traffic have all been features of the early and unexpectedly bitter UK winter his year, with many seeking entertainment at home in preference to venturing out into the inclement weather.
Online bingo operators could benefit from the news that their land counterparts have been experiencing a serious downturn in attendances at bingo halls, with several venues reporting declines in players as high as 80 percent.
Clubs in the North-East and Scotland have been hit particularly hard by freezing temperatures while Yorkshire has experienced weather-induced public transport problems.
Media surveys of 50 bingo clubs around the nation found that seven major clubs had closed their doors during the week commencing 29 November with health and safety concerns at the forefront of club managers' minds.