Tuesday February 11 ,2014 :  UNIBET FLYING HIGH
Transformational strategy paying dividends
In full year 2013 results released today (Tuesday), Swedish gaming group Unibet presented "an all-time high in revenue and profitabily".
Unibet's mobile channel continued its strong upward trend and now represents around 27 percent of total gross winnings revenue.
Key performance indicators for the full year period ending December 31, 2013 included:
–     Gross Winnings Revenue of GBP 234.7 million (FY2012: GBP 197.2 million)
–     EBITDA of GBP 63.4 million (FY2012: GBP 52.5 million)
–     Profit before tax amounted to GBP 44.5 million (FY2012: GBP 34.2 million), up 25 percent
–     Profit after tax amounted to GBP 40.1 million (FY2012: GBP 31.6 million)
–     Earnings per share were GBP 1.434 (FY2012: GBP 1.132)
–     Operating cash flow before movement s in working capital amounted to GBP 63.8 million (FY2012: GBP 51.1 million)
–     Number of active customers was 516,799 (2012: 491,958).
Unibet's success is due to a strategy initiated three years ago to transform the business, said Henrik Tjärnström, chief executive officer of Unibet.
“Unibet’s focus on re-regulated markets demonstrates that it is possible to drive efficiency and increased profitability while reducing overall corporate risk.”