2014 Assessment of the US online gambling market

Intrastate legalization momentum will continue to build over the next four years, H2 forecasts.
In an assessment of the US online gambling market prepared for the publication iGaming Business this week, the respected H2 Gambling Capital consultancy makes some interesting predictions for the region:
* This year the US i-gaming market will generate $300 million in gross win.
* That has the potential to grow to $351 million by 2015.
* There is considerable untapped potential in populous US states on both the West and East coasts.
* 58 percent of the potential value of the onshore-regulated US i-gaming market could be concentrated in just 10 states.
* The speed with which states legalise will be influenced by how major states like California, New York and Florida act going forward.
* Further legalization beyond New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada could take as long as 2016, but by 2018 there could be up to nine additional individual states taking the intrastate legalization route.
* With 12 states offering legalised online gambling, the gross win could be expected to soar to around $4.8 billion.
* At a predicted 4.9 percent of total onshore US gaming, the i-gaming industry is hardly a threat to the established traditional land-based industry. That compares to an average 17.7 percent in the EU, and 8.4 percent across the world.