Another major U.S. Online Poker Deal

Posted 3/29/11 : Pokerstars and Wynn deal could be followed by Full Tilt Poker
The major news buzz created by this week's revelations that Pokerstars and Wynn Resorts are to collaborate in a  federal online poker legalization initiative and subsequent internet enterprise  has been boosted by reports from the knowledgeable site Wicked that a similarly industry-changing deal is in the works involving the internet’s second largest poker operator.
Wicked Chops quoted unnamed Las Vegas insiders as revealing that Full Tilt is in serious talks with US land gambling operator Station Casinos with a view to forming an internet-related alliance.
The report did not elaborate on whether federal or state-by-state legalization was envisaged in such a partnership.
If the report is true, it would constitute the third major internet-land gambling alliance this year; the first was the Caesars team recently approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board and aimed at building online gambling enterprises in Europe. This was followed by the announcement last week that Pokerstars and Wynn Resorts are working together.
The Station group could be a strong partner for Full Tilt in both internet and live tourney terms – the group owns 18 top land gambling venues in Nevada.