U.S. Tribal Gaming Stable

Revenues to states and tribes remain significant
The latest report by the National Indian Gaming Commission says revenues from U.S. tribal casinos were stable in 2009, indicating that the revenues generated by native American casinos operated for the benefit of some 233 tribes across the USA remain considerable.
The latest report shows that 2009 gross gaming revenue totaled $26.5 billion, compared with $26.7 billion in 2008, numbers in stark contrast to the disastrous declines that are still being experienced in Nevada and Atlantic City land operations.
Oklahoma City regional tribal casinos enjoyed the best revenues, with a 12 percent increase across the 49 gaming operations in the area, which includes western Oklahoma and Texas.
In Portland native American gaming revenue grew 6 percent; increased by 1 percent in the Tulsa region, and climbed 0.1 percent in Washington D.C. The Tulsa region includes eastern Oklahoma and Kansas.
The Tulsa region's 64 operations had $1.7 billion in revenue, and the Oklahoma City region reported $1.5 billion in revenue.
Individual states again saw much-needed boosts to their coffers thanks to gaming compacts with tribal operations. Oklahoma reportedly received $33.3 million from the Chickasaw Nation, $22.7 million from the Choctaw Nation and $12.2 million from the Cherokee Nation. In addition, the state got about $50 million in fees from other tribes.