The respected US poker publication Card Player has run down recent rumours that influential Nevada Senator Harry Reid was working on a new online poker regulation bill.
The UK Sunday Times created a media stir when it published the rumour that a bill could be launched within the next three months, information said to emanate from a British industry analyst.
Card Player checked the story out with Senator Reid’s spokesman Jon Summers, the publication reports, and he gave them the following official response:
“Senator Reid has long held concerns about whether online gaming could be regulated effectively. Rumors of a forthcoming bill, however, are greatly exaggerated and stem from staff trying to get a thorough understanding of every facet of the issue, including the potential effect on Nevada.”
Chris Moyer, the deputy Nevada press secretary for Senator Reid, said that online poker regulation was “not high on the priority list” before deferring to Summers’ statement.
Card Player points out that Senator Reid has remained neutral on Internet poker regulation. He is the Majority Leader of the Senate and a former chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission.