Vegas Slight improvement in 2010 revenues

Posted 2/11/11 : Slight improvement in 2010 revenues
After two years of continuous decline in revenues, the Nevada Gaming Control Board numbers for 2010 were welcomed Thursday as an improvement, albeit slight, over the previous year.
The Reuters news agency reports that the total gaming win at $10.4 billion, represented a slight 0.1 percent increase compared to 2009, which saw a 10.4 percent decrease from the year before.
However, the improvement merely takes revenues back to 2004, and there’s still a long way to go according to Gaming Board analyst Michael Lawton.
The only area seeing better numbers in 2010 was the Las Vegas Strip, where revenues grew by 4.1 percent, accounting for $5.8 billion of the state's total gaming revenue. This came from table games such as poker, craps and baccarat, whilst across the state the income from slot action was down 2.7 percent – its lowest level since 1997.
Lawton attributed this to the continued patronage of the average gambler, but a reduction in per head bets.