HTML5 instant-win titles feature second chance and two bonus levels

Greek games developer Vermantia has released four new 6-level instant win games to participating operators via the Odobo Marketplace.

Each game features two bonus levels and as players level up, they are able to cash out or embark on the next challenge with the risk and rewards increasing with each new stage.

Players are able to keep or change their lucky symbol from a choice of 12 at the beginning of each new level. As each game progresses, the player can uncover a lucky bonus game symbol that will take them straight to a classic “reveal three” scratch card. Up to five achievements are also on offer with every play.

New titles comprise “Defcon1” – a war-themed game, an exotic cocktail-themed game titled “Tiki Bar”,  the Zodiac-guided “House of Signs” and “Shopen” which is themed around high fashion retail outlets.

All games offer a second 3-reel mini slot game providing players with the chance to match three symbols and get back in the game for a second chance to play. 

They are developed in HTML5 and available to mobile, tablet and desktop device users.

Free-to-play versions of each game can be accessed at: