Senator Louise Lucas's S.1400 scrapes through state Senate General Laws and Technology Committee.
Virginia Senator Louise Lucas, who introduced bill S.1400 earlier this month enjoyed early success this week when the Senate General Laws and Technology Committee progressed her US online poker bill, albeit on a thin margin of 8 votes to 7.

But, progress is progress; this is just the first hurdle as state law requires that bills receive three committee readings that include the right to make amendments. Only on the third reading will the full roster of senators actually vote.
Assuming the bill survives the Senate, it then moves to the House and a similar process…and only if it is successful there is it delivered to the governor for his consideration and hopefully approval.
Our readers will recall that S.1400 seeks to remove poker from the "illegal" definition of gambling in Virginia by declaring it a game primarily of skill; the content includes this provision:
“Poker games shall be deemed games of skill, and nothing in this subdivision shall be construed to make any such game illegal gambling.”
Sen. Lucas is a determined supporter of legalized poker who has tried on several prior occasions over the years to push gambling bills through the state Senate…all failing at committee stage